Why, Santa Fe?

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How Much Risk Can You Stand?

Whose career would you define as “reckless and risky”?


What makes it that way?

What could you do to make your own career choices a little more risky?

What would need to be true?

Something Better Than Bad

Through the resistance. Out from the darkness. Questioning the value of even doing this. Writing is my resistance. Making sense of my thoughts. Editing while I write. Taking forever to post anything. Worrying about the feedback. Worrying about not worrying about the feedback. Worrying whether it’s wrong. Worrying whether it’s right.

What Comes First?

Do you struggle with this question? Ever?

I do. Quite a bit. I don’t always ask it explicitly, but it has a tendency to creep up on me and thrust me into a crippling paralysis. Sound familiar? The reason for that (I think) is that the answer is far too often “EVERYTHING”. Therefore, “NOTHING”. Deciding what matters most is simple ask, but like so many of the things that are truly valuable and meaningful in our lives, just because something is simple, by no means is it always easy. When we ask this question we often believe that we must reduce all of our commitments to ONE THING. The ONE and only ONE most important. It doesn’t have to be this way. Much has been said about how in the face of paralysis, it’s better to do something – anything – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, if only for the reason of avoiding the inevitable vortex of “analysis paralysis”. I’ve spent a lot of time swirling in that vortex. Doubting. Asking yourself “what am I giving up?”, “am I doing the RIGHT thing?”, “am I hiding?” instead of acting, doing or creating. I don’t know why these questions constantly show up. Fear of commitment? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Yes. Yes. Yes. All of these things. And yet, aren’t they all really the same thing? Can’t these fears simply be reduced to fear of the unknown?

Today’s answer is a simple one.

What comes first is whatever comes next.

Give yourself time and permission to let yourself feel what it feels like to act, create or engage with something. It doesn’t have to be the right thing, because there is no ONE “right” thing, but whatever it is does need to be REAL. It needs to be put into the world where someone could touch it, read it, look at it or connect with it. It is inside of you and needs to get out. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t even need to be good. It just needs to BE. There will be time to think, ruminate, reflect, reassess, evaluate, reevaluate and unapologetically bask in the glow of introspection, but that time is not now. That time is 15 minutes (or 5 minutes, or 2 minutes) from now, AFTER you’ve done SOMETHING. ANYTHING REAL. Right now, for me, what was next, what came first, was this post.

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