Writing Every Day is Hard! (or insert alternate title here)

I have an annoying habit of editing every sentence of what I write several times before it’s complete. I look at the red squiggly underlines indicating spelling errors and my OCD starts to kick in. I agonize over grammatical constructs (ending a sentence with “in”)? IDIOT! I confuse myself with the rules of language and often times find myself in the awkward position of having sent an email that makes exactly ZERO sense, because each sentence was half-pasted from another part of the message three times. It is so hard to write and write and write without editing. No matter how many times I hear Steven Pressfield or James Altucher in my head telling me just to keep writing and stop worrying, I am strangely drawn to look back. I fear the judgment of the desired recipient of my message. Was I clear? Was I too wordy? Did I ramble?

And then it comes to a stop. I lose my concentration, and my place, and I edit.

Or I don’t.

What was I saying again?


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